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A Business Central End User’s List of New Year’s Resolutions…

… I resolve to learn one new thing about Business Central each week, even something as simple as a new keyboard shortcut.

… I resolve to finally stop trying to understand what the heck a Dimension Code is and why it is so important to those finance and accounting nerds.

… I resolve to create detailed user documentation ("standard operating procedures") that walks through the steps used in Business Central to complete my job tasks.

… I resolve to stop moving Items in the warehouse without also recording it in Business Central so that our Bin Contents will remain accurate.

… I resolve to spend time reviewing the Dynamics 365 Release Notes that describe the new features included in the upcoming versions of Business Central before each new release is deployed, in order to determine if there are any changes that will benefit me in my role within the organization.

… I resolve to actually read the error message displayed by Business Central on my screen to determine if I can possibly resolve the issue on my own before calling the support helpdesk.

… I resolve to share my knowledge of Business Central with other users - including other users within my organization, in online user forums, and maybe even at a user conference.

… I resolve to stop being frustrated with the volume of G/L Entries generated by Business Central from within the Purchasing, Jobs, and Manufacturing modules, and will instead accept that these entries are created for a reason and that it is a good thing that they are there.

… I resolve to learn how to create and use the Web Services "Create Data Set" feature to pull data from Business Central into Excel (or Power BI) so that I can analyze the data I need, in the format I need it, when I need it.

… I resolve to listen to the Shot of Business Central and a Beer podcast - because although those guys are sometimes goofy as all get-out, they are mostly interested in sharing important Business Central news and information with the Business Central community.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year!


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