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Welcome all Business Central fans!

Greetings to all fans of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly, Navision and Dynamics NAV) and welcome to this new forum where we will be speaking all things Business Central (BC).

The idea for this site originated with an idea to create a terminology guide for Business Central. Just like every other business system in the world, BC has its own unique set of terminology, and in order to maximize your potential as a proficient user there is one thing you must do: learn the terminology. The original thought was to publish this guide via traditional publishing methods (i.e. an e-book purchased online). But as a long-time cheerleader for BC, it was very important to me to try to positively impact as many BC users as possible. So this is what you get - a web site with free unlimited access to the entire Business Central Terminology Guide.

As I describe in the Introduction, this Terminology Guide not meant to serve as a comprehensive user guide, and it is not intended to provide a definition for every single term that is used within Business Central. Rather, it is focused specifically on those terms that are unique to Business Central or where Business Central uses a term that may be used differently than other business systems. If you have many years of experience using different systems and are looking to quickly get up to speed on the language of Business Central, then this Business Central Terminology Guide is for you!

Not only will you be able to use this site to learn to "Speak Business Central", but we will continue "Speaking Business Central" on a regular basis via the continued updates to the Terminology Guide as well as through the Speaking Business Central blog. On at least a monthly basis, all types of news related to Business Central will be shared using a variety of formats - how-to videos, listings of key events and dates, blog articles highlighting new or existing features, and more. Please subscribe to the blog to have new blog articles delivered directly to your email inbox as they are posted.


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